Day Tour of Yol Valley

Drive into the heart of the Gurvansaikhan Mountains and ascend into the Yol Valley, a dramatic ravine blanketed by ice in the narrowest parts until mid-summer. Explore the ravine on foot, and look out for the bearded vulture, called ‘Yol’ in Mongolian, soaring high above the ravine.

Day tour of Khongor Sands, South Gobi

Spend a full day exploring the stunning landscape around Khongor Sands, and encounter a few nomadic families and their livestock. Travel south by jeep to the Zöölöön mountain range and hike through the highland valleys. In the evening, see the dunes at their brilliant best, when the fading light emphasizes their shapely forms.

Day tour of Ulaanbaatar

Visit the Gandan Monastery and the Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan, the theocratic leader of Mongolia. After lunch in a local restaurant, visit the National Museum of Mongolia to admire its ethnographic collections and examine the history of Genghis Khan. In the evening, enjoy the Tumen Ekh Folk concert, followed by dinner.

Kayaking, Hövsgöl River Canyons

Float through picture-perfect river canyons between cliffs of granite and limestone that soar hundreds of meters above the wild river and experience several Class II and III rapids. Choose to take the oars on the raft, pilot your own inflatable kayak, or simply sit back and let the guides do the work.

Camel Safari, Mongol Sands, West Gobi

Enjoy a spectacular camel safari at the Mongol Sands, across the sand dunes, down to the beaches of Dörgön Lake, with a spectacular view of its blue-mirrored waters and the snow-capped Jargalant Hairkhan massif in the distance. The area is also a paradise for birders, with sightings of Mongolian gulls, including the rare Relict gull.

Nomad Community Visit, Hustai

Meet with nomadic herders and enjoy a lunch of traditional buuz (mutton dumplings) and hushuur (mutton pancakes) before embarking on a game drive through Hustai National Park to see wapiti deer and the famous, unique, Przewalski horses, which are closer to zebras than horses.

Biking, Camel or Horse Riding, Ikh Nart

Explore the other-worldly landscapes and rock formations of Ikh Nart Nature Reserve on mountain bike, camel or horse. Encounter Argali sheep, and possibly Siberian Ibex and several bird species including enormous cinereous vultures, and explore various archaeological and historical sites including petroglyphs and temple ruins.

Monastery Visit, Khentii Province

Explore the remains of the secluded Baldan Bereeven Monastery  which was founded in 1654, and rose to become one of the most important monasteries of eastern Mongolia with up to 8000 resident lamas, but was destroyed during the Stalinist purges of the late 1930s. Chat with some of the lamas and learn about their traditions.

Kazakh Family Visit, Altai Mountains

Visit the local Kazakh families in their yurts, which are typically much richer in decoration and handicrafts than Mongol gers (yurts). Experience first-hand the culture and livelihoods of these nomadic people, and witness their work as pastoralists. Learn from eagle-hunters about how they train and form a bond with the eagles.

Eagle Festival, Altai Mountains

Watch traditional Kazakh hunters compete to catch small animals such as foxes and hares with specially trained golden eagles, dressed in full eagle hunting regalia and mounted on groomed decorated horses, at the annual Eagle Festival, held every October in the town of Ölgii in the Altai mountains.

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